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The Discovery of a Raw and Real Practice of Divine Love

The political bitterness of our time is a set-up for a raw discovery of the practice of Divine Love. Dealing with the hot topics of our day from a Christian perspective MUST default to this "one commandment" of Christ. We simply must abandon all other methods (political/doctrinal) so our energies can be spent in a healthy and joyous practice of LOVE.

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A Pastor, A Bishop, and A Father

44 Years of the Love Of God

I am convinced that Love alone is the only credible basis for Christianity. While I have spent 44 years ministering from within the brick and mortar of the church, I'm ready, like the early founders of the church, to take this message of Love anywhere and everywhere in order to REpresent the reality of God's only and true character -- LOVE. So I'm going out to the "spiritual refugees" spoken of here; whether I sit in a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, a home, youth camps, conferences, retreats, and churches.

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This is a Mission to America

Randy Dean Ministries is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Ministry. We are looking for the support of people who have an understanding of what we're proposing. If you can help us financially to give launch to this Mission to the USA, we would greatly appreciate your support. Not only will that contribution underwrite a podcast, blog and book, it will also give us the freedom to minister in small groups or places who might not be able to afford an honorarium or travel expenses. Our PayPal connection is ~

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional Love will have the final word in reality" Martin Luther King Jr.

From my book, "RADIANCE"

Bishop Randy Dean

"There is a raging love; unrelenting, unflinching, pressured by the entirety of the Universe, and blasting with a flowering fury of a trillion nebulae. We humans are the specific object of this raging love. God IS that Love, and as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, His Love can not fail." ~Randy Dean

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